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I came to BooneOakley to team up with my Ad-Land hero and mentor Dave Oakley. He quickly took advantage of my door-to-door missionary background and put me in charge of leading new business efforts. In true BooneOakley fashion, the strategy was very scrappy with a lot of cold-call style reaching-out with very targeted and very... ~creative~ assets. 


These are some of my favorites.  

Pit Viper

We had a killer idea to help Pit Viper 'demand respect and authority' (their words, not ours) during the upcoming 2024 Olympics. So, instead of reaching out to them like some stiff in a suit we sent this video to them on an old VHS tape

(the same format that they accept athlete sponsorship applications through) to get their attention. 


Cook Out

Like BooneOakley, Cook Out was founded in North Carolina. BooneOakley and Cook Out also have a thing for late-night burgers, secret sauces, and milkshakes. So we felt like we were a match made in fast-food burger heaven. So we commissioned AI to make this magnificent painting depicting the moment we were matched in fast-food burger heaven... wherever that is. 



In-N-Out was making a move to the South with an HQ in Nashville and locations announced throughout the South East. With over 15 years of fast food experience, BooneOakley knew that it can be a fight to earn a spot in the hearts, minds, and stomachs of southerners. So we made these custom boxing gloves to show In-N-Out that we're in their corner. 

Screenshot 2024-06-10 at 12.22.09 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-06-10 at 12.22.48 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-06-10 at 12.22.30 PM.png

FRANKLIN Pickleball

Nothin' wrong with a little spec work, right?

After all, the Carolina's are the pickleball capital of the world, and we're all about fun!

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