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In 1986 Steve P started hosting an open gym at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Richmond, California. Word quickly spread, and the 'Church at Hilltop' quickly became a safe haven for Richmond's youth. 

But it wasn't your usual slap-stick, rowdy, local open gym experience. There were rules:

- 4 on 4, first to 8 by 1's

- No cussing 

- No smoking or drinking 

- No fighting

- No putting down others. 

- Always start and end with a prayer.

40 years later, 'Church Ball' still happens every Tuesday and Thursday, and at almost 70 years old, Steve is still there knockin' down baseline jumpers and enforcing the rules. He's become a father figure to anyone and everyone who has come through the doors of the Hilltop Church. He's mentored countless young men, attended weddings, graduations, and now is even balling with the kids of the OG crew that started back when it all began. 

So I worked with the guys to put together some swag to celebrate 40 years of basketball, Steve, and the brotherhood he's fostered up at the Hilltop Church. 

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Jerseys inspired by our hometown champs, the Golden State Warriors

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Tees please!
(wanna buy one?
click here)

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At almost 70 years old, Steve is still ballin' out. We don't know how, but we definitely need what he's drinking.

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And because he's a saint, we felt Steve deserved his own prayer candle. 

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