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NErdwallet scando-licious cocktails


Scandoval: the cheating scandal that broke the internet. Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix, stars of the Bravo reality television show “Vanderpump Rules” who were a couple for nine years, split after Mr. Sandoval had an affair with their

co-star Raquel Leviss. 


But it wasn't an easy split. One complicated with the intricacies of tangled finances. A perfect moment for NerdWallet to chime in with some sound financial advice. 

So to react at the speed of culture, we created a series of Vanderpump Rules-inspired, break-up-themed cocktails paired with smart financial advice in case your relationship is on the rocks. Then we joined the conversation on social with images created by Midjourney as the final episodes aired. 

The Middle Man.png
Estate of Affairs.png
Cut Tais.png
Lickety Splits.png
High and Dry Martini.png
Money Mule.png
Post Nuptial.png
Retire-mint Julep.png
Stacks on the Beach.png
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