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noosa x unnecessary inventions


noosa yoghurt made with whole milk, real fruit, and a touch of honey couldn't necessarily be made any better.

But unnecessarily, we could make it a lot better.


We partnered with Instagram's favorite inventor, Unnecessary Inventions, to create 7 new ways to love noosa even more for Valentine's Day. We teased out the collaboration the week before, then gave away a yoghurt loving invention everyday with limited edition passion fruit noosa the week leading up to Valentine's Day. 

Won Ad of the Week on Campaign US (the week of the Super Bowl)

Shortlisted by The One Show

Featured in: USA Today, Trend Hunter, Yahoo, Mediapost, ShotsAds Of The World, SF Egotist, Agency Spy, Spoon University, The Dispatch, and Very Busy Brands. 


Keep your noosa nice and cool while things get hot n' steamy in the hot tub with the YoGuzzi


Give your dog some licks of love with this puppy shaped frozen yoghurt mold. 


Keep your noosa lil’ tub right where it belongs, close to your heart, and hands-free. 


No yoghurt is out of reach with this telescoping spoon. Simply enjoy the creamy dreaminess of noosa from a distance with ease. 


Sharing is caring. Especially with the Mine and Yours Tub Splitter, so everyone gets their fair share of passion (fruit).


Enjoy your noosa smoothie anywhere (secretly) so you don’t have to share.


The only thing better than gazing lovingly into the eyes of your lover is gazing into their eyes while enjoying the noosa you love (even more). 

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