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The Carolina Hurricanes PNC arena was once considered “The loudest place in hockey”


But because of a young team and losing records, fans have stopped coming to games, silencing pnc arena.


the young team is starting to make a comeback, and it's time to turn the volume back up in the pnc arena.


To do that, it means fans need to be engaged.

Introducing the eye of the storm. A fan engagement app that reaches fans through Their phones. 

Light shows:

Any stadium can put on a light show, but not all fan bases can. Using geo-fencing and localized wifi, fans phones will be used to create custom light shows.


Push notifications:

it wouldn't be a fan base if there weren't coordinated chants and cheers. When chants and cheers are getting started, fans will get a push notification to tell them what to say and when.


Watch Noti 1_10.png

Organ music:

No hockey game would be complete without the all-time classic organ music. Now fans can request songs to be played, and then phone screens will glow with different colors to create colored displays and patterns.


Selfie cam:

Nothing gets fans more excited than being on the JumboTron. Using the selfie cam, fans can now use their phones to show their team spirit and submit it to be on the jumbotron. 



sound distractions:

using the speakers from all fans' phones sounds to distract the other team will play as they shoot penalty shots, try to strategize, and make calls on the ice.



AR functionality: 

Help and show fans what players they are cheering for, and where the players are on the ice.


Art: Cooper Epps

Copy: Forrest Quinn

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